Andrei Slovolitov is a photographer who was born in Murmansk, a small Russian city beyond the Polar Circle. After working in the corporate business for about 20 years, he came into photography in 2019, since then it has become an integral part of him.

Andrei uses his intuitive color-rich photography to draw attention to the harsh social realities, as well as the incompatible oddities of the daily life of modern cities and its inhabitants. In this problematic field, his work is based on both the real and the sublime, which is reflected, in deeply affecting, sometimes surreal images, exploring the themes of history, memory, nationalism, militarism, race and class.

The geography of Andrei's work is not limited to Russia, a series of works were shot in Mexico, the USA, Serbia.
The artist currently resides and works in Berlin, Germany.

Exhibitions & Books:
2021 - Rodchenko School group exhibition, Moscow
2022 - Presentation of the book "Morekhodka"

2022 - Journal Republic "How was May 9th in Russia"

2021 - 2022 — Fotografika Academy, Saint-Petersburg
2020 - 2021 — Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
2020 ㅤㅤㅤ— Course on the sculpture of Kate Sokolovskaya
long time ago — Technical and Economic Universities of Murmansk and St. Petersburg
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